My anniversary today!

“They say opposites attract”

Is that true?  Some say no, some say yes.

I like music. All kinds of music.  From rock to jazz, country to classical I like it all. And I usually like it LOUD. You like Top 40 at a reasonable level, and more recently new country.

I like meat. A carnivore, that’s what I am.  Give me a steak and I am a happy guy.  Or ribs.  Or inch thick pork chops.  And if there is fat on it, oh well.  You are indifferent with meat, can take it or leave it.  But if you take it, there had better not be fat anywhere NEAR it or you remove it with surgeon-like skill.

When my knees allowed me to, I played sports.  Volleyball was my favorite, and tennis when I could find someone to play with.  And watching sports live or on TV was fun! (But not golf.  Golf on TV is soooooo bad).  Rarely did you want to join, at least in the playing.

As anyone knows, I like to talk.  I am not a shy person and will approach or can be approached by anyone.  Meeting new people?  OK!  However for you, small talk is not a thing to be taken lightly.  You do not waste words and are quiet when around persons you do not know.

To go along with my talkativeness, you know that I can throw back a beer or 8.  Or 10.  Your drink of choice tends to be non-alcoholic.

I play video games like Call of Duty and Fortnite. You Play Mariocart.

I like to drive (fast!), like corny movies (Anchorman, Roadhouse), blue comics, fart jokes, reading sci-fi books, watching Burn Notice and Sons of Anarchy, bull terriers, beagles  and greyhounds.

You prefer to not drive or to at least stay off the expressways, like rom-com movies, mainstream comics, hate fart jokes, read US magazine, watching Survivor and prefer pugs and smaller dogs.

But with ALL these differences, you still choose to be with me. Sometimes we joke about it. Sometimes when I am lacking in confidence, I wonder why when we are so different in a lot of visible ways.  But where it counts, we share a vision for our future, a common goal for our kids growth and more often than not, are on the same page for things that matter without even trying.  We can do that communication thing without even talking.  You are my rock, my soul-mate, as they say in those rom-coms you watch. Twenty eight years is a long time to some.  For me, seems like yesterday.  I remember our first apartment.   I remember our first dog, Holly.  I remember the births of our sons,  I remember the day I proposed to you on the side of I-55 in a blizzard, and every day before that from Jan 1 until Feb 14.  Yes, we have had a few days in there we would like to forget, but I wouldn’t trade in any of them, as even the bad days helped to get us to the spot we are at today. When I was 21 I never thought I would be married, much less to a hot babe like you.  Yet here I am.

Happy Twenty Eighth Anniversary, Mrs. PissedOffPrinter! I am glad you chose me.  Hope we get (at least!) twenty eight more!


Your loving husband

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