Today’s printing lunacy…

Guy calls me from his car and says he is on his way over now. That he has a 24″ x 36″ seating chart that he needs us to “add foil stamping to”. While he waits.
I took a deep breath and then said “While I can GET you foil stamping done, it isn’t for one piece and not on customer supplied stock. And it most certainly it can’t be done while you wait. In fact, I don’t know of ANYONE, much less anyone in the area, that can do that.”
The reply was “Well what am I supposed to tell my wife?” Got me buddy. That either hers or yours expectations about what can and can’t be done is seriously out of whack with reality? That maybe you should have planned ahead? That bridezilla doesn’t look good on her? (no, don’t say that last one if you want to still get married). I would seriously like to help, but what you want is a physical impossibility.

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