Today is my birthday.  52 year old.  My knees and feet feel like they are 80, my brain thinks I am 30, but I am 52.  This isn’t a pissed off post but one of joy.  I am alive, still moving and mostly having fun. I just want to share with you something that happens to me on my birthday every year.

I am fortunate enough to have my parents still with me. We get along great, always have.  Working for my dad when I was 14 helped that along and I never had that “I-hate-my-parents” phase that many teenagers get.  With that said, every year they call me on my birthday and sing me happy birthday, at the exact time I was born which is 10:53 am.  Some years my job wouldn’t let me be near the phone so they have left a message of them singing, but most of the time I am able to take the call.  I shared it this year on Facebook because it is cool.

But that isn’t the end of their coolness.  One of my friends who lives in Florida had remarked that she wanted a call like that to my video last year.  My mom saw that and when Facebook said it was her birthday my mom called me to get her phone number and they ended up leaving her a birthday song on her voice mail.  How cool is that?  best. Parents. Ever.

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