Are you a slave to tech?

I admit that I have a love/hate relationship with technology.  I love my cell phone, but I love it as a PHONE.  I use the browser feature if I am stuck waiting somewhere to maybe keep me entertained. But watching a movie on my phone?  Why would I want to do that? I have zero sympathy for people who ‘run out of data’ because of their streaming habits.

I also hate it when my customers try and do everything thru their cell phones.  “You sent the proof but I can’t open it on my phone!’  Well then go try it on an actual computer!   “Let me text you the picture”.  How about no? My cell phone is MY cell phone, not a work cell phone and I do NOT want you having my number.  I do not want to be that accessible. Plus when you text me your crap many cell phones tend to reduce the file size so your high resolution photo is now barely better than an internet jpeg. I can’t tell you how many times people have sent me screen shots of their phone and wanted me to use that for printing something.

The latest technology devil to enter my world is Google Drive.  Now I think Google is the devil.  They are evil and we keep getting validation of that every day when we learn of more and more instances of their spying on people, selling data and just downright being a bad company. But now I keep getting people trying to send me their files using Google Drive.  STOP IT!  Quit making me have to log into Satan just to get your shit.  Email it to me!  I have a huge email box and a file transfer option on our web page for larger files, use them!!!!  And 90% of the time you idiots don’t give me ‘permission’ to get the files so then I have to track your ass down to get it, wasting more of my valuable time. For some reason as connected as you are to your phone, you never seem to have it handy when I call or email to get the password.

Are you one of ‘those’, that can’t put down the cell phone?  Do you reflexively check it every time it makes noise? And why do you want to be THAT connected?  Just askin’…

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