They mock me…

Copy machines, oh how you mock me. Your C4520 error codes that no tech seems to know, your constant ‘adjusting’ after just 100 sheets, your paper jams in areas never known to even host a sheet of paper before. Why do you torment me so? Have I not kept you fully stocked with toner and paper? Have I not wiped down your exterior so that you appear like new? Have I not provided you with brand name paper instead of the cheap crap? Have I not asked nicely for you to perform the one function you were made to do? You take more breaks than a unionized office worker and mock me with each shut down, wasting valuable resource as well as my time. Your disregard for my time tables has reached epic proportions.  May you suffer in copier after-life doomed to make copies of fat ladies asses sitting on your glass for eternity..

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