Assumptions made about my store…

Often times people make assumptions about my store, or printing in general, that I don’t understand.  Perhaps the issue in question just seems second nature to ME but would be completely foreign to a non printing person, I just don’t know.

Maybe every other weekend we get at least one voice mail from a Tuesday night at 9:15 PM,  Saturday morning or a Sunday afternoon wondering why we are not open. I hear these and my first reaction is “Why the hell would you even THINK we would be open then?!” I can understand the calls that come in at say 5:30 during the week (we close at 5) and MAYBE the Saturday ones, but Sunday afternoons?  What printer is open then except for Office Max and their ilk?

A common one would be when people ask us for a price and when we give it to them they have sticker shock.  I get that some people don’t have a clue as to how much color copies cost.  however these same people come to me because they are tired of spending hundreds of dollars on ink jet ink.  They should already have the notion that color is more expensive than black already in their heads.  And when I tell them my price, which actually happens to be THE lowest you are going to get for 20 miles, they act like I just held a gun up to them and asked them to hand over their wallets.

One that I do get is when people ask if we have templates to choose from.  We don’t do anything with templates.  We are a custom shop and do everything to order.  If you can communicate to me what you want, I can make it happen.  But thanks for Vista-sucks, I mean Vista Print, people think there are just templates for them to choose from and then BAM, there job is done. That’s not how it works, even with them, but people still get that impression.  So THAT one I get.  I don’t like it, but I get it.

A dangerous one is people assuming that we can print that birthday invitation with Mickey Mouse images all over it.  No, not going to happen.  You didn’t pay to use those images (and if you did, you paid some hack from Etsy, not Disney, so it is still theft) so I am not printing those images.  Most people leave pretty angry about it, even when I try and be nice about it.  However I am not going to jail or pay a huge fine so you can send junior’s invite out.

The one that puzzles me most are the ones I get like today.  Every year around election season we get all sorts of political printing requests.  We do many, but only ones that pay upfront or on delivery.  I don’t trust ANY of them.  Anyway, we do a pretty much even split of Republicans and Democrats.  What gets me is that EVERY ONE of the Democrat ones just assumes that we are a union shop and gets mad when we tell them we can’t print the union bug. Seriously folks, there aren’t many union print shops left, much less any 2 person franchise shops.  What in the world are you thinking? Why would you assume that?  Is your bubble that closed off?  And we have had more than one of them come back to us and have us do the printing anyway, because we were in most cases 40% or more cheaper.

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