Hating idiots = Racist!

While playing Xbox a few weeks back ( Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare), there was one player who was pretty much being a loner, going so far as to let ‘teammates’ get shot so he could shoot the other person while they are distracted, calling out opposing players in wrong places and just being an ass.  He then kept following our group from game to game and getting mad when we refused to chat with him. Finally, when the rest of us refused to play with the guy again, he started calling us ‘racist’.  We can’t SEE him in the game, so all we would have to go on would be his voice. And his voice was so whiny and nasally that he sounded a little like Erkel.  But we still had no real idea of what his ‘race’ was, nor did we care.  He was being an idiot and ruining our game play by his actions.

Then the in-game messages start going back and forth, with him insulting us at every turn and calling us names. “You just don’t want to play with a black man on your side, you would rather lynch me!”  That was one of the more tame messages I got. I made the mistake of replying one time that ‘I don’t see race” to which he went BONKERS!  After a few pretty racist messages to ME, I replied back with this:

I may be guilty of uttering the words “I don’t see race” at some point but maybe I could better rephrase it to say “I don’t give a flying fuck about your race, because I care far more about your individual actions, personality, beliefs, choices, and in this particular case, how you play the fucking game. And race is an artificially limiting concept primary used by statist control assholes to keep everyone in easily managed stereotype boxes. IF I noticed your race it is probably the same way I’d notice if somebody was tall, short, fat, thin, bald, beautiful or ugly. Now shut the fuck up about micro and macro aggressions because you are keeping me from killing more idiots in this game.”

I then reported him to Xbox and blocked his sorry ass. There are racists out there and racism exists.  It doesn’t exist in me because I really don’t give a flying fuck what ‘race’ you are.  In my younger days I have been guilty of some bad thoughts and I reasoned my way thru them at a young age to my present point of view.  If you are an asshole there needs be no color descriptor in front of that.  I can be that asshole, but not in this case. End of story.

EDIT:  To be fair, it took me about 2 hours and several revisions before I came up with the above reply.  The first several had so many swear words that they were unreadable.

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