People need to be fired

I was going to start this rant off about how Democrats fuck everything up.  But for a few of my more liberal readers that might get them defensive right off the bat, and this rant truly isn’t party-dependent. The fact that what I am going to rant about tends to happen in large cities and usually democrats are in charge of our large cities, well, decide for yourself how narrow or wide to blame.

The latest example is the city of Seattle.  Like every big, Democratic city, they seem to think that public transportation is everything.  So much so that they decided to extend their city trolley system.  They currently have 2 lines running and decided to add a third, along with new cards and connect them all together.  This isn’t a rant about how crappy most public transportation systems are, how pretty much none of them are financially sustainable and all are designed to keep people living where the government wants you to live.  It is to rant about how government FAILURE never seems to have any repercussions for the people who screwed up.

Screw up number one is a time honored tradition with ALL governmental projects: cost overruns.  Originally the costs were told to the taxpayers to be $150 million.  Perhaps that the cost overruns only amounted to a cost of a little over $200 million this should be considered a victory.  But failure to deliver accurate costs is never punished in government.  The costs rose ” in part due to public utility work that wasn’t predicted in the initial budget and rising costs for construction and labor in Seattle.”  You live in Seattle, how could you NOT know that labor was going to go up!  As for not predicting the utility work, that is just shitty estimating.  You have to take into account any variable that you can reasonably think of, and many that would be unreasonable.  Knowing where existing utilities are and how they would be effected by the project should have been a no-brainer.   Yet nobody loses a job.

Screw up number two is again in the cost estimate area.  The city was told that the costs to operate the new system would be $16 million.  Then they get an internal department to re-examine the numbers and discover that they were lied to and it would be 50% HIGHER that they were originally told.  Again, nobody gets fired for this failure.

Screw up number 3 is one that anyone who took shop class should know: Measure twice, cut once!  It seems that with all the changes they wanted to the new train cars, they are now longer than the ones they would be working with by about 30 feet.  They are also 15,000 pounds heavier and may be to heavy to run on the older tracks.  To compound that, it is being reported that the new trolleys won’t even fit on the new track, and are too big to fit into the current maintenance sheds.  So where do I get a job that I can fuck up so monumentally like this and NOT be fired?  Oh, somebody will probably be ‘reassigned’ to a different area, but if they were a political appointee they are just as likely to get a damn raise out of it as anything.

Government has a spending problem, at all levels. Since money is tight, there needs to be good stewardship of our money and not have it pissed away due to bumbling asshats who are only worried about their next donation. That will NEVER happen until there is accountability for screw-ups.  Firings need to happen, like they would in private businesses. In some cases maybe even personal liability if the screw up is large enough. but our so-called elites will never go for that.

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