Anti-Gun Hypocrites

So last week or so you had the white Jessie Jackson here in Chicago, Father Pfleger, march with a bunch of sheep and try and close down the Dan Ryan in protest of something to ‘raise awareness’.  I got three different things to rant about here.  The first and most obvious one is WTF are you shutting down a highway for?  And why were you not arrested?  It seems that the Democratic powers that be decided it would be OK if he closed down the freeway.  Well the State Police, who actually have jurisdiction over that, had a brief moment of sanity and said that if you blocked traffic they would arrest you.  And I say brief because the next day they announced a ‘deal’ whereby they could block off part of the road and nobody would be arrested.  That is complete bullshit.  How did they get ‘permission’ to break the law?  Because they were Democrats.  There is no other explanation. You can bet the house that if a pro-life group wanted to do that there would be no ‘deal’.  This goes back to what I complain about most, equality of application.  If it is illegal/wrong  that I do it, it should be illegal/wrong that you do it.

The second part is this whole ‘raising awareness’ thing.  They did their stunt to ‘raise awareness’ of the gun violence plaguing the city.  Do you really think people don’t know about it? How can we NOT know about it?  You are raising any awareness except that we are more aware that you are an asshole.  You should also start talking to the media and get the story straight on this.  First we get the gun violence stats, and you tell us how bad it is and because of this we need to ban guns!  Then when Republicans point out the violence you tell us it isn’t that bad and how dare we use that as a political point. Then the next day we again here how bad it is and now we REALLY have to stop all those rogue guns coming in from Indiana. Then when it is asked that if guns were truly the problem, why isn’t Indiana as big of a hell hole as Chicago, you once again deflect from the real reasons (gangs) and the cycle goes on.  You want to stop gun violence in the city?  there is no one answer here.  Many things need to be done such as jobs, education, fixing the culture that promotes the violence, curbing the drug trade and a host of other things.

The last one is the hypocrisy. In this link you can see how the dear Father has no issue with guns being used to protect HIM. Well it seems that one of his ARMED body guards had his FOID expire and got arrested.  Once arrested, “Pfleger and his minions called 006th dist (sic) nonstop to try to get the guy out of arrest.”  Ordinary average Joe’s get caught up in this all the time and arrested, no mercy for them.  But HIS body guard?  Come on, the laws are for the ‘little people’.  And Pflager isn’t alone in this.  Michael Moore was had one of HIS body guards also arrested for being armed in NYC without a license.  Do you think he got the same punishment as an average person would have?  Nope. As noted in the story, it has been said that anti-gunners aren’t so much anti-GUN, but anti YOU having a gun.  Shannon Watts has armed body guards, but doesn’t want YOU to be able to protect yourself.  NYC Mayor DeBlasio has armed guards but doesn’t want you to be able to protect yourself.  Every prominent anti gun person has armed security, including that little runt from Florida.  Hypocrites, every last one of them.

Pflager, you are just a race baiter in white skin. You wear that collar as if it grants you some moral authority to tell us what we should do, and often don’t follow your own advice.  I admire that you want to stick up for your community, which happens to be a rather poor one beset with a lot of violence.  However you do not get to decide how I can protect myself and my family.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Gun Hypocrites

  1. I’ve got a few problems with this.
    1. You go into some detail explaining how the Dems run the city and state allowing guys like Pfleger to get away with stuff. But, the very public arrest was made by and news released by the Chicago PD. Isn’t that counter to the argument?
    2. The only evidence that Hale worked for Pfleger is an opinion posted by one anonymous blogger who claims to be a police officer.
    The Archdiocese of Chicago is not only one of the most conservative organizations in the city, they (various Cardinals, Bishops and other heads of the Church) have been butting heads with Pfleger over his various stances for 40+ years. The Archdiocese has flat out denied that Pfleger or any other priest has armed or unarmed bodyguards.
    This is just a bunch of hype


  2. OK, have a few minutes now. i had several links before this but can’t find most of them now. but let’s start with #1
    1) yes, there was an arrest. not sure where you got or what you mean by a ‘very public arrest’. they didn’t frog march the guy in handcuffs throughout the city or anything, they made the observation and arrested him. by getting away with it i mean “He was released on $150 bond.” A search of arrest records shows NO disposition of the case yet. As in nothing done, he is still on the street. Not sure you would have been released on $150 bond for illegally having a gun in Chicago.

    2) if he isn’t a body guard he sure likes being where Pfleger is a lot. This post has a link with pictures of them together on numerous occasions.
    As for the church, not sure I lambasted them for anything, just the dickhead Pfeger. And they can deny it all they want. i am sure THEY are not paying for it so they can SAY that.


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