Am I a bit vindictive? Maybe.

Not quite two years ago, we purchased the building we are currently in.  For about 10 years before we got here, it housed an association management company.  The kind that oversees condo associations and homeowners groups.  For the first few months we were here we got a barrage of mail for the old company.  Every day we would get 20-30 pieces of mail, as if they didn’t put in a forwarding order.  Well, we are on pretty friendly terms with our mail carrier so we asked him and he looked into it and told us that no, they never filed a forwarding address form.  he has just been taking the mail we pointed out wasn’t our over to them, trying to be nice.  So he tells them that they need to fill one out because if we even got a substitute mail person, their mail would go back as undeliverable.  So they did.

You would think that would be the end of it, but alas it is not. First, they also never changed their address on their web page.  Every few months we get someone coming into the office with a complaint or to pay something in person, only to discover that they have been gone for a while.  I kind of wish I could tag along sometimes because when i tell them that they have been gone for almost 2 years, some people turn red with rage and I would very much like to see some of that directed at these morons.  We also get calls for them from time to time with someone seeing or knowing the address (albeit the wrong one for them) and does some sort of search for a phone number only to end up with mine. The calls are priceless, as I often say that I don’t know where they are, maybe they closed or went out of business. I toy with the idea of pretending to be them and being rude but can’t bring myself to do that.

Along with the website, it seems they are also cheap bastards.  Someone came in maybe 2 weeks ago because of a letter they got from them.  The letterhead and envelopes they are using still have My address on them.  Yes, two years later they are STILL using old shit. And before you go there, early on we went to them and offered to run a bunch of new address stuff for them cheap, just to get people to stop coming here.  They turned us down. pretty much told us to not come back as well.  So much for trying to be nice and get them their mail.

Sooooooo, when I get mail here  addressed to them, I marked it as ‘return to sender’ and put it on my counter for the mail carrier to take back.  It could be important! Sometimes it takes them a week or two to see it as I put it on the very edge of my counter and kind of forget to mention it to them. There were a few that arrived today from the IRS that looked really important so I made sure they got a prominent display on the far side of my counter for them mail carrier to see.  Is it wrong that our mail carrier never gets to that side of the counter?

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