Not going to end well

In crazy-ass Maxine Water’s world, anyone who supports Trump should be harassed. While she tries to couch it as people who are employed by the administration, you know she enjoys it when your average Joe has to deal with that crap as well.  It’s funny how we hear that ‘words have meaning’ and how a clip art choice by Sarah Palin can inspire violence, but Dems actually calling for it don’t? Once again my Democrat friends, if you don’t speak out about this, you own it. I’m not saying you need to full out switch parties or anything, but if you can’t call out this abhorrent behavior, then you own it.

Seems the other day a group of KIDS were eating at a Whataburger in Texas.  One of the kids was wearing a MAGA hat.  A complete douchbag named Kino Jimenez decided to take it upon himself to go and steal the hat from the kids head, call him names and threaten him.  This guy is twice the size of this kid.  Bet it made him feel like a real man!  Anyway, the kids got the asshole on video and within short order the new rules were applied and he was doxxed and fired.  he needs to be publicly shamed and to be honest, toxic for most employers.  Unless you ran a specifically liberal establishment, would you want this jackass waiting on your tables or making your food, worried that the sight of a MAGA hat would set him off on a customer, thereby bringing your establishment into the political foray? I would think not.

Here is a link that has some info on the big asshole.  According to this page, he WAS working part time at a bar.  The bar in question has since fired him saying that they serve everyone, regardless of race, sex, color or party affiliation.  That is really how it should be.  he is also supposedly a member of the Green Party of Texas as well as votes Democrat.  Of course ‘social justice’ is big for him.  He doesn’t seem to have much of a social media presence but apparently 4chan is working on that.  Also from what i have read, throwing the drink in the kids face as well as grabbing the hat can be assault.  If that kid hasn’t filed charges yet, he needs to do it.  He needs to pay for his actions, otherwise he will be emboldened to do it again.  Or to go another step further. And don’t let the damn local DA try and push it off, ride him like a $2 whore until he follows thru with charges and make sure that everything that happens is reported.

What’s next for Maxine’s Crazies?

UPDATE:  HERE is a link to the video of this guy being a ‘real man’.

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