Do you like fireworks?  I swear I am turning into one of those old guys that is always yelling at kids to get off his grass but I do not.  Well, I do not like most fireworks.

As a kid I loved them, but for a different reason.  Sure, I liked to watch the big ones that get all colorful in the sky, but I hated the ones that were just a loud boom.  What was that for?  On a more personal level I loved Jumping Jacks and the things that emitted lots of color, but firecrackers did nothing for me.  Unless I was blowing things up with them.  THEN they were OK.  We used to build cardboard forts for our plastic army men and then bomb them with incoming mortar strikes of firecrackers and an occasional Jumping Jack.  Until we started a field on fire to where the fire department had to be called in.  Ooops!  However as an adult, even the colorful ones have lost their luster, just doesn’t do anything for me anymore.  And the ones that go ‘boom’?  I still hate them.

My neighborhood is a typical middle class spot, mixed people of all professions.  But during the week of Independence Day it becomes Beruit ala 1970’s.  Every morning I pick up used bottle rockets from my back yard, discarded fireworks wrappers in my front yard and every night I hear those window-rattling booms for no apparent reason.  Even as a kid I never got the bog boom, so tell me, as an adult, what does that do for you?  And it isn’t like they are part of a ‘show’ with the boomers in between others.  It will be silent for hours then just one big boom.  40 minutes later, another one, but from the other side of my house.  Then maybe an hour later, another one in yet another direction.  Tonight will be the worst of it in terms of volume, but I will get a ton of them on Wednesday night, with several coming around midnight or even later.  One thing I have not done is ever call the cops.  But damn if I don’t feel like doing just that sometimes…

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