Any Day Now…

Someone is going to get shot.  With leftist mania and TDS reaching epic levels, someone is going to get shot.  DHS Sec Kirstjen Nielsen gets chased out of a restaurant by protesters.  “Concerned’ liberals are doxxing ICE agents and calling for the to be harassed non stop.  Do these people not remember the Steve Scalise shooting?  Where a deranged liberal took his marching orders from the SPLC bigots?  The Occupy Wall Street assholes are trying to get back in the game by co-opting this issue as well.  At some point you have to bring it down from 11 and realize that your preferred candidate is not ever going to be President and deal with it.  Constructively.  not by trying to be a bigger asshole than the next guy, because that is what you are doing.

I sincerely hope I am wrong here, but the path liberals are heading us down is a dangerous one.  One of two things is going to happen if liberals don’t get their own under control.  Either some unhinged Antifa-type idiot is going to shoot a government employee like a DHS worker or one will TRY something with an armed ICE agent who won’t take his shit and end up dead.

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