Father’s day is approaching…

And once again I keep seeing the same memes and quips from certain ladies.  On FATHER’S DAY we don’t need to see posts and memes about how you are ‘Super Single-Mom’ and so on.  We get it, you have issues with a deadbeat dad or know someone with those issues.  I feel for you, really I do, but you need to stop for at least this time period.  This day is called Father’s Day and it is to honor the men who chose to be fathers, who live up to the commitment required of being a father and who execute such responsibilities as best they can. Not every guy is a deadbeat. Some men are dads and fathers and are happy to do it. Some do a great job.  Some do a poor job despite best efforts. Let us have our day without your bitching about your issues.  I am sure you wouldn’t appreciate it if in the days leading up to Mother’s day a bunch of guys started posting memes of a guy flipping off the camera and the caption reading “Hey moms who use their children as pawns in divorce/custody cases and deny caring fathers visitation: F*CK YOU, you poor excuse of a mom”.

I’ll post a Father’s Day post later, just wanted to air that out.  It just annoys me that some people have so much hate that they can’t let other people be happy. And this coming from the pissed off printer!




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