Things around the office that sound dirty

Just random things heard around here from time to time:

“I don’t like things that squirt in my mouth, but I put up with it.”  My designer,  talking about the cherry tomatoes in her lunch.

“That would be a hand job and it would cost more.”  Boss to a customer when they asked about doing special perfs and folds on a print job.

“Can I sit on your ball?”  I have one of those exercise ball chairs and a good looking female customer wanted to try it out.

“The black one is so much bigger…” Designer, yet again, referring to the black toner bottle on our color copier.  The black is twice the size of the other 3 colors.

“Call me when you get off…”  me to a customer to arrange a pickup of a job.

“I can’t believe the size of the package!” A different designer when we opened this huge box and all it contained was one pack of plastic GBC combs.

” I tried everything and I just can’t get it in” Our copier repair guy on the phone to his office for support after failing to get a part to go in the machine.

“I’m not a whore and I am too busy to do it for free but they don’t want to pay me what I am worth!”  Designer #3 complaining about cheap customers not wanting to pay design charges.

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