Hello each and every one of you that reads this!  Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to read this and laugh with or at my daily hazards.  I will be gone for about 10 days to Florida to recharge.  I have a wedding to go to and we decided to rent a house down there and just stay the week.  Both my boys are going to drive down so it should be a fun time. It is around the Orlando area, so a little too far to see my friends in Jacksonville with ease and not close enough to Miami to perhaps shake hands with a blogger I frequent daily.

The only things I have PLANNED for the trip are the wedding, and taking my boys and my daughter in law to the Atlantic ocean.  None of them have even been there, so we will fix that.  The rest of the trip I don’t care if I just stay in the pool and hot tub, as long as I have a cool drink in my hands.  However if anyone knows of stuff to do around the Orlando area ( The house we rented is in Apopka) that isn’t Disney or an amusement park, feel free to let me know.

I will also let you know if I run into the infamous ‘Florida-man’ that I always read about.  Some links for your amazement/amusement. See you all June 11th!

Florida Man 1

Florida Man 2

Florida Man 3

Florida Man 4

Florida Man 5

Florida Man 6 (best one)

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