Memorial Day

Funny thing about patriotic holidays, you can always spot the people that really don’t give a shit and try and troll those that say they do.  Like during this holiday today.  Memorial Day.  A day to remember those that have served this country and paid the price of their life for doing so.  It doesn’t matter if it was in WW2, Vietnam, Desert Storm or a training accident in Iowa, a certain level of respect if due.

I personally do not have any relatives that I am aware of who died while in the service.  I have a few uncles as well as my father, father in law and grandfather who all served but all made it home alive.  That doesn’t mean I can’t respect those that served.  My first trip to Washington DC I went to visit my best friend who was working there.  I was early so I left my bags at his office and went to wander the city.  One of my first stops was the Vietnam Memorial.  I couldn’t leave. The feelings I felt were just too powerful and I sat there off to the side mesmerized like in a trance.  After some time a worker/volunteer came by to ask if I had a relative on the wall somewhere they could help me find.  After I snapped out of it I said no, that I didn’t, but I was just overcome with emotions while standing there.  He said he understood, and I am sure for the most part he did, but there were other things going on as well.  Ever since I could remember I was playing war games.  Strategies and tactics captivated me and I engaged in many mock battles of WW1, WW2 and miscellaneous military conflicts. It was always a game for me, until I saw that wall.  Oh I knew that war was real and people died, but seeing that wall just made it hit home.  I have been back to the area three times and have seen the wall each time.  It is still as powerful.

Now there are other memorials there as well.  The WW2 one was spectacular in its size and simplicity.  I took a few pictures but otherwise my friends and I were pretty quiet, as was most everyone else.  There was a moment where a family with little kids let the kids start splashing in the pool. That got a lot of angry stares until some guy standing next to them said something, and they quickly gathered up the kids from the pool, looked very sheepish and left.  The Korea war memorial was very tasteful as well.  The same type of wall as Vietnam but with a few pictures etched in it as well, and some life-size ‘soldiers’ walking in formation thru the bushes.  All were very moving, testaments to our men and women of the armed forces.  You have my respect for your service and for those that didn’t make it home, double!

Back to spotting those that really don’t seem to care.  You can usually tell who doesn’t really care by the  snarky comments about what the average person does.  “”Oh, you gonna BARBEQUE today?”  “Think of the soldiers while you get drunk in your back yard!”  and so on.  Seriously people?  Yes, I will stipulate that there are a great many people that don’t get it.  Including most of the people with the snarky comments about beer and bbq, or whatever.  First, we DO picnic and gather with friends and family because WE CAN!  We live in the best, most free nation this earth has ever seen, in large part to our military.  So yes, grilling that hot dog DOES honor our vets. We’re doing what they enabled us to do.  Second, if there are kids and such that really don’t know or get the meaning, perhaps it is because of the left’s usual disdain for the military in general. If you talk about Vietnam vets as baby killers and Iraq vets as war criminals, no wonder many younger people might not really know or care about Memorial Day.  My kids are out of high school now but they were taught very little about our history when it comes to wars.  That is on you, liberal asshats, especially since almost all teachers are liberal to some degree.  Most people you hear complain about having fun on a day like today usually don’t care about the flag, soldiers, etc., except to try and use it to make others look bad.

So stop trying to make memorial Day political.  The soldier goes and does what they are told.  War is not in and of itself a crime.  Soldiers killing enemy combatants is not a war crime, it is war.  Soldiers help to ensure that we are safe, helped free the world from the Axis and deserve at least a base level of respect.  And for those that died, remembrance.  Because as long as we never forget, they are never truly gone.

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