School got something right

Even since I started at my current store back in 2008, at the end of the school year I get deluged with parents wanting me to print them forgeries of their graduation tickets.  Every kid gets 4 tickets here, that’s it.  However there are many families that want to bring every damn relative within 100 miles to the actual ceremony.  Maybe if everyone in your family is a dumbass and this is the first kid to graduate in a century I can understand wanting the whole clan there to see it actually happen.  Otherwise, I don’t get it.  It is HOT in there (my youngest graduated last year), the seats are hard, and unless you get there 90 minutes early you are sitting at the very top or very back.

So back to the counterfeiting. For years people have been coming in wanting me to make copies of the tickets.  Some come in with them taped on a sheet of paper hoping thatI have a self-serve copier they can use so as to avoid me seeing them.  No dice, don’t have one and I see you. I try and be nice about it but when I get an attitude back, I just point out that they are asking me to counterfeit a document which can land a printer in jail.  I don’t know if copying tickets would qualify for that kind of punishment, but I still am not doing it. And it makes a few of them feel like shit for asking.  The rest are just assholes anyway and leave in a huff.  A few times I manage to get a name, and if I do, I rat their asses out to the school so they can be on the lookout.

Well last year they came up with a new solution that combated almost all the visits I get for tickets.  They have rehearsal the morning of graduation.  Well to start they don’t even hand out the tickets until that is done. Then they went thru the expense of having them numbered and with a foil hologram on it.  I STILL had 2 people come in and try to get me to copy them last year, and when I pointed out that even if I HAD the capabilities to do that, it would cost them an absurd amount of money, they got huffy and left.  We’ll see if I get any this year.

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