A new low in cheapness

OK, the cheapness of people never surprises me THAT much, but sometimes I do get caught a bit off guard, like when they guy wanted to accept name stamps that were spelled wrong if I gave them to him at half price.  Anyway…

I will often get people in here who go and create a card on Vistaprint or some other online site, then when they get their proof email try and send me THAT file to print from.  Usually it is very low resolution (looks great on your screen but won’t print worth shit) and often has a watermark going thru it of the company name or logo. Assuming that it were of a good enough quality to print, it often would take me longer to remove the logo and repair the card than to have just started from scratch.  Then there is that whole thing about stealing, since they didn’t PAY for that design.  If they are going to try and rip off that company, I am sure I will be next.

But today I got a new one.  A nice lady came in and wanted to do a graduation announcement for her kid.  I asked her if we needed to create it for her or if she had artwork ready to go.  “I have it here on my phone”, she says, and proceeds to punch the buttons to forward me whatever artwork she claims to have. A few minutes later I get an email from her.  I download the file to see if it is print-worthy, and lo and behold, it is not.  72dpi file and only about 22k in size.  However what gave me pause is that the file she sent was a SCREEN SHOT of a web page where she had created it on another site.  Not even the proof email sent to her, she just used their creation page, created the card, used the ‘print screen’ feature on her computer and emailed me THAT.  Have you no shame?  That’s what we need today, more shame.

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