Which side will the SJW’s choose?

LINK to the story here.  Apparently a tranny wanted to get a brazilian wax job and the spa said that they really couldn’t accommodate.  Turns out that the only waxer they have is a Muslim, who can’t touch any guy that isn’t her husband.  Oops!

So of course the offended tranny sues, claiming discrimination.  How DARE you not serve him.  Her.  Xer? Damn pronouns…   Anyway, I guess we’ll find out who is higher on the victim tree, trannys or Muslims. If the salon wins, it is a victory for Muslim women who shouldn’t have to touch male parts if they don’t want to.  Religious freedom and all that sort of stuff.  It would also blur some talking points for the T part of the alphabet soup LGBTQPDFTIDGAF!, because the ruling would assert that the tranny was a MALE, and therefor off limits to the Muslim. That could lead to MALES being excluded from female bathrooms and so on.  Hmmm.

Now if the tranny wins, then it could get even weirder for other businesses.  In most places trannys are already allowed in women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.  Some states even allow them to compete in women’s sports, where they seem to dominate since many still are testosterone-heavy and have the male muscles that give them an edge. So are clothing manufacturers going to have to make room for the little ‘extra’ on a tranny when they design women’s clothing? Will a doctor have to offer a pap test, even though there isn’t a cervix present?

Going to have to try and follow up on this one just to see who wins.  The legal gymnastics that will be displayed for whichever side wins will be interesting to see.

2 thoughts on “Which side will the SJW’s choose?

  1. This isnt a social justice issue, and there’s not really a “side” to take, from that perspective. Just a sue happy clown trying to bully their way to a buck. Same as countless “straight” folks do every day. No story here.


  2. We’ll just have to wait for the ruling to see how it is worded. The follow up story I read says that they formally applied to sue for $50k in ‘damages’. So will the ruling decide that a Muslim woman must shave male genitals against her religion or that the tranny is SOL and needs to go elsewhere for a brazilian wax? Religious freedom or tranny acceptance? Cock vs Koran!


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