My head still hurts…

So last night I went to a concert with my oldest boy.  It was a local venue with no seating and a bar. Got free tickets (thanks Nicci!!!) for helping the booking manager out with a rush job.  We get there about 30 minutes before the show starts and there are 3 bands, an opening act and 2 headliners.  The music is not what I normally listen to, but still like from time to time.  Plus, was hanging with my son which I don’t get to do too often.  The bands were Blessed the Fall, Asking Alexandria and Black Veil Brides.  Lots of loud, hard driving music.

So while at the show, I am one of the older guys there.  I am not alone, I do see others my age and a few that were probably even older, but for the most part it was a 30 and under crowd.  Lots of skinny guys with punked up hair, lots of young, skinny girls in various states of slutty dress.  A mixture of younger ages too, with some pre-teens there enjoying the hard music.  The show begins and off we go!

The first band is more scream-type than I like.  However, I  can appreciate almost any form of music played professionally and these guys were putting on a show.  The crowd seemed to like it.  Except for my legs and feet.  About 20 minutes into this I had to either go sit somewhere or lean somewhere.  So I told the boy I was going upstairs to the less-crowded bar, get a beer and lean for a while.  20 more minutes and the opening act was finished and there was a brief pause between bands.  The next band, Asking Alexandria, I have heard of before.  The singer, Danny Warsnop, I have heard before.  At one point he had left the band and did a country album, which I bought.  It was quite good.  he then left to go to anther rock band called We are Harlot.  Again, I thought this was pretty good.  Now he is back with his original band. Show time!

I made my way back downstairs for this one and found a spot at the bar where I could see the stage.  Again, the show was excellent as the bad really got into it and genuinely seemed to be enjoying themselves.  They played a few of their older, screamo-type songs which were OK and a bunch of newer ones that I really liked. I also managed to see 2 guys asked to leave by security for being too drunk, one guy ‘asked’ to leave with a little force for trying to start a fight and a girl who didn’t look old enough to drink (but was wearing the drinking wristband) throw up into a garbage can for like 5 minutes straight.  I bet SHE had fun!

Last band was Black Veil Brides. Awesome show, they got everyone going, including me. No more barfing girls, no more fights but all in all a good show.  Only problems are by now my legs are on fire from standing so much. Oh, and I have had a lot of beer thanks to my son’s open tab.  Finally leaving the venue I was walking like Frankenstein, my legs not wanting to bend very much if at all.  We managed to make it home (he drove, thankfully) and I stayed awake for another hour or so to calm the noises in my ears before trying to sleep.  And when i woke up this morning (at 6:00 for PT on my shoulder!) I was hung over.  I mean as in headache hung over.  I haven’t had a headache after drinking in maybe a decade or more.  I just get sore muscles from the dehydration.  Ugh, head finally stopped hurting around 2 PM today.  Sucks getting old…but beats the alternative.

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