I hate this shithole state

I live in Illinois.  It is a beautiful state, filled with many places that are fun to go.  A majority of my family lives in this state, either in the south suburban Chicago area or in the southern part of the state around Carbondale. But I hate this damn state.

I hate how it is ran by Chicago.  I hate how Democratic policies, combined with cuck-republicans in the house and senate have combined to have this state on the brink of insolvency.  I want to find the bastard who came up with the idea to enshrine pension protection in the state fucking constitution and shove a bat up his ass. For THAT is the straw that will break Illinois back.

Pensions here are just messed up.  Teachers and administrators get put into a state system when they retire, so the entire state pays for their retirement, not the districts that hired them.  And with retirement pay based on the average of their 4 highest years pay, you just know that all the ‘rich’ districts give huge raises to their admins they know are retiring, just so they can game the system.  Worse for our so called civil servants in the state house.  Most of these freeloaders end up in more than one government position throughout their life.  Their state pensions stack instead of combine, so they get full pensions from EACH position they held. The amount of money some can make is staggering.  Emil Jones is a prime case of the state’s LARGESS.

I have a 5 year plan to leave this state.  I even managed to get my wife to agree with me and we have agreed on a general location to move to.  One of my many reasons for wanting to move is to get out before Illinois decides to screw everyone here and put up metaphorical walls to keep us from fleeing, like East Berlin.  I figured that in 5 or 6 years the situation would be dire enough that Illinois would act. I told her that coming soon would be dramatically increased taxes on everything, fees put on IRAs, extra death taxes and real estate taxes would double at least.  And if they could, they would find a way to tax you for leaving the state.

Well, they are talking about that metaphorical wall already. The Chicago Fed proposed SCREWING homeowners before they can flee. To quote from the story, “In other words, just confiscate wealth from current owners because they will pay, whether they stay or not, through an immediate reduction in home value.”  All of this to fix the pensions.  Pensions that Democratic politicians have promised people to get votes, pensions that they have not funded so they can spend the money elsewhere to get votes. Pensions that people have paid into but will take out 10 times what they put in, thanks to Democratic politicians.

I may have to accelerate my plan…

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