I don’t NEED to do anything…

A few times every week we get calls from people wanting us to donate things.  About half the time they want ‘things’ that they can raffle off or put into basket giveaways (not sure what we would ever have that would fit that need) and most of the rest are wanting us to place an ad into a program or flyer for some group or event.  We consider those, but would rather do the actual printing and a discount rather than give money to some OTHER printer to run. We end up doing a few but politely turn away most of them.
One of the other types of calls we get are the direct solicitations from professional fundraisers.  A very annoying one we get every few months is supposedly for the local Sheriff’s office. The phone rings and we get the guy who starts rambling with his prepared speech and then usually asks for the OWNER, Jose, who is really never here. He comes in maybe once a week for a few hours, never at any set time, and the best way to get a hold of him is thru email.  It works great for when the annoying sales calls come in looking for the ‘owner’, I just truthfully tell them that he isn’t here and most go on. but not this guy. he gives his routine and I tell him that what he wants would be a decision for the owner, who isn’t here.  He then asks me for the owner’s phone number to which I reply that I am not supposed to give that out, but if you wanted to reach him, email would be the best way.  He just hangs up, so I guess that is that.
Until the next day.  I get the call again, same guy, asking for Jose and starts on the same script.  I let him finish and then say “Like I told you yesterday Jose isn’t here and the best way to get him would be email”.  He mumbles something about trying back later to which I reply ‘good luck with that” as he hangs up.
Maybe 2 days later our caller tries one more time to get a hold of Jose.  He asks for Jose and I just say “look, he isn’t here, do you think I am lying”?  His reply to that was “It’s important that I get in touch with Jose”.  “If you would like Jose’s email address I will give it to you.  That’s all you are going to get” is my only reply.  He finally says that he would take the address and so I give it to him.  I then send an email to Jose letting him know of the entire exchange should he wish to be creative in his response to the guy.
About 2 weeks later I answer the phone and it is out guy representing the Sheriff’s office again. He starts off asking for Jose.  I tell him that email is the only way to get a hold of him and before I can finish he breaks in and says “I tried that and he isn’t answering.  I need for you to give me his phone number”.  I was taken aback for a moment and says “Excuse me?”  He then said it again, “I need you to give me Jose’s number”. Oh no he didn’t.  Well, already having a bad day at the time, I took a few seconds to compose myself, since there was a customer in the store at the time. “I don’t NEED to do anything for you, you don’t sign my paycheck. The owner told me to not give out his number.  If you emailed him and he hasn’t responded, either he is busy or he doesn’t give a shit. Don’t call here again because now I don’t give a shit either” ”  All in all a very calm response from me, I was quite proud of myself!
Seriously, Sheriffs, I know you just hire out these companies, but you really need to stop.  They make you look bad.

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