Impatient (not me, for a change)

A very impatient lady called my store Monday at 8:25 AM, 5 minutes before we open.  I usually don’t answer it before 8:30, but I did, and so the saga begins…

On the phone is Mary.  Apparently she emailed us 3 times on Sunday, at 8 AM, and called twice on Sunday and left voice mails, at 8:30 AM.  She was calling Monday morning to see if we got her emails and messages.  In a polite way I say “not fucking yet, the damn computer isn’t even on yet” (that’s how the words sounded in my head), and that I would check them in a few minutes once everything was actually on.  So I check and she had sent over a graduation announcement that she needed printed.  Fine.  So for the next few hours we send her a proof and a quote and we finally get a call back around noon saying go ahead and print.  Oh, by the way, can she have it by 5 PM?  Sure, let me drop everything I have, including the 500 newsletters I have to finish by days end for your $80 invitation order.  Thankfully the boss here says he can get to it in about an hour so she is good with that.

Now before that hour has expired, Mary has called back FOUR MORE TIMES.  Once to add the name of the school he was accepted at.  Then she calls to remove it.  Then she calls to add a different school. Then she calls to just hold on the order, they haven’t made up their minds yet.  5 PM rolls around and we go home, having not heard from her.

Sure enough you probably guessed the next part.  We had a message at 6 PM and another one at 7:40, as well as an email waiting for us when we got in.  She also called at 8:20 today but this time I did not answer it, screw that. At 8:30 the phone rings again, and it is Mary with the same questions, did you get my messages and email.  I remind her that we open at 8:30 and it would be a few moments and all the combined contacts did was to tell me to keep holding off until they made a decision.

I had left around noon to make some deliveries and got a call from the boss that he had to lock up and pick up his kid, just in case I got back before he did.  Which I did around 2:30.  At least it was a nice day today so I sat on the porch to await his return.  I also heard the phone ringing inside, more than once.  Boss makes it back around 3:00 and when we get in there are 2 messages from her as well as 2 emails.  While boss takes care of those I begin my rush job and start the machine.  15 minutes later Lionel calls Mark to talk to her about her messages. A few minutes later he hangs up the phone shaking his head.  ” She says to just go with what they originally had and oh, can she have them in an hour?” We stared at each other like one of those scenes in a movie, and then both busted out laughing.  Seriously, WTF.

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