I would be in jail by now…

No gun needed.  If this was my son, and they did this to him, every one of these fuckers would be in the hospital courtesy of my hands, feet and anything that was handy.  They are cowards who can’t confront a criminal so they go and harass the one kid they know ISN’T a threat, because they can.  Because he makes them look bad.  Because he goes against the narrative. When they told him he couldn’t record the meeting he should have just said get my father and lawyer or I am leaving now.  Stop me and I will scream ‘rape’.


While he did nothing wrong, I am disappointed that he didn’t realize that what they tried to do to him was almost a given to happen.  I would have had him coached to be ready to respond to the very tactics they tried in a respectful manner but one that would let them know he wasn’t going to take their crap.  The moment he was ‘summoned’, calls should have been made to dad and lawyer.  I don’t know the laws in Florida, but if it is a one party consent state I would have recorded anyway.  One said, “Don’t get snappy with me, do you not remember what happened here a few months ago?”.  A proper response would have been “Yes, a bunch of government agencies dropped the ball, including you, and let a crazy kid kill a bunch of my friends”.

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