Eat Mor Chikin!

I am just going to link this fisking.  The story involved is from The New Yorker, where some pretentious asshole has decided that Chik-Fil-A is bad, and there shouldn’t be any of them in NYC.  He worked himself up into a lather over delicious chicken sandwiches. Read this and have a great weekend.  Maybe even go have a great tasting chicken sandwich in a clean restaurant with help that smiles and is polite.

FYI Larry Correia is an interesting writer and has other great posts and fisks on his blog.


2 thoughts on “Eat Mor Chikin!

  1. Larry doesn’t like Dan. There are some things about Chik fil A that Dan doesnt like/understand. That’s about all I got out of it.


  2. Larry points out that Dan is one of those bubble people who can’t see anything other than thru his ideological lenses that he wears. Chik fil A bad because of religious views of its owners. The religion is ‘invading’ NYC. It also shows the sad state we are in when people get worked up over a tasty chicken sandwich and great customer service. And thanks for reading, Jim!


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