Adventures at Walmart – Kentucky edition

(FFB 4-19-15)

I had never been to Kentucky.  I have been THRU Kentucky before, looks beautiful, but never for even a day trip.  Until now, that is.

My niece got married last weekend and she lives down in Murray, Kentucky. Small college town in the middle of nowhere. We get down and after unwinding and eating dinner, decide to take a trip to Walmart to get some stuff to drink, snacks and stuff, since we will be there for a few days. So I take the boys and my daughter in law and off we go to the Walmart, on a Friday night around 11 PM.  While there I noticed two things:

One was just odd.  While I was waiting for everyone else towards the front, I saw a couple come in that was one of the most stereotypical hillbilly couples ever.  The guy was wearing a camo hat, camo shirt and camo shorts.  All three were different camo patterns as well so he stood out, completely negating the idea of camo to begin with! The woman was wearing a tank top (camo, of course) that was a few sizes too small and cut off shorts that revealed way more than most people would like to see. They walked past me down the aisle andI could hear them talking with a pretty thick southern accent, which so far I had not noticed in my day there from anyone else.  About 5 minutes later they passed by me again on their way out. I saw them walk up to the self serve registers and check out.  Their purchase?  A 2-pack of plastic ashtrays. That was it.  On a Friday night I guess empty beer cans are not classy enough, gotta go to the Walmart and get the GOOD stuff!

The second was more uplifting.  I mentioned that I was waiting up front for the boys to finish up.  I was not about to wander the store looking for them, they can come to me when ready. So there I stand close to the front door. I see a guy walk in, he looks at me while walking in and says ‘Howdy’.  I say hi back, thinking that was cool, a friendly guy.  A few moments later two guys came in and glanced my way and upon seeing me gave me that guy ‘nod’ that says ‘hey’.  So I nod back.  This went on for the 5 or 6 minutes I waited there.  Every guy that walked in acknowledged me in some way, with a nod or saying ‘Hi’ in some fashion.  Then I realized that standing there with the items I wanted to buy but waiting for someone, I looked like the guy who was waiting for his WIFE.  I was getting sympathy nods from guys who have been in that situation. The ‘guy code’ is still alive and kicking, even in rural Kentucky.


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