Moral Quandary

OK, for those that don’t know me, I am very upfront with my disdain for unions. While I realize their importance 100 years ago, today they are as infected as big business and government with only really serving to enrich themselves.  Union rules tend to stifle business initiatives, limit flexibility and make it hard to get rid of poor workers.  Some are worse than others.  I have a particular disdain for public sector unions.  Let’s see how this works.  Union members go on strike or negotiate for a new contract. They are negotiating against government officials, who are NOT the ones who will be paying the bills this new contract will create and in fact most of the time are getting money from the very unions they are ‘negotiating’ with. How does this result in a fair deal for the tax payer?  It doesn’t. And whoever the person was who decided that government workers should get a pension instead of social security like the rest of us should be shot. And any politician who agrees to a contract that they know the town can’t pay should be held personally liable for the bills.

Illinois is particularly bad when it comes to people in the education field.  Yes, I know, there are many teachers in poorer districts that might only make $30k a year.  There are also many teachers making 6 figure incomes with Cadillac health care and pension plans.  But I am talking about the practice of taking District heads, who are about to retire, and giving them huge raises their last few years before they go off.  These raises serve to increase their pension benefit because it is figured out by the average of their 4 highest paid years.  The kicker is the WHOLE STATE pays for the largess of each district that does this.  So when the Super at say Glenbard North, who makes $250k a year, gets raised to $270 then $290 then $300k for his last year before retiring, everyone pays for that, not just Glenbard North households.

But I digress.  I have a quandary. The town I work in is a very Democratic town.  We have some connections with various departments in the city but can’t get any of the larger jobs because we are not a union shop.  We get small projects from a few different departments but that is it.  Even in election time we don’t get much political advertising printing because of the non union thing. So, the owner here wants to go union.  There are only 2 of us, he would pay all the dues, but it still just bugs me.  I don’t want to do it.  I filled out the form like they asked (most of it.  I am not giving them my ss number, there is nothing they need it for) but haven’t turned my stuff in to the owner yet.  Proving my point that the unions are worthless, they are not going to be doing anything for us, they just want to add 2 more ‘members’ to their rolls.

Man, this sucks…

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