If it will save just one life…

In many gun control arguments we often hear “If it will save just one life, shouldn’t we try?”  This is a lame attempt to paint gun owners as uncaring people.  The answer to that questions is a resounding “No.”

For each of us, the price could be infinite on what we would be willing to pay to protect our selves, loved ones, family and friends.  But for society as a whole there is a cost.  Your cost may be too high for society.  About 6000 people are killed after getting hit by cars.  A total of about 40,000 die each year in car accidents in total.  Should we lower the speed limit to 20 MPH everywhere?  After all, it would save just one life, shouldn’t we at least try????  The answer is no.  The cost to the economy and society in general would be far greater that the societal cost of that one life.  At least for everyone but that person.

When you hear that argument trotted out, whether by politicians, pundits or people, it usually means they are weak on facts and want your emotions to overcome your senses.  Earlier this week I received a call wanting me to donate money to a children’s cancer research group.  Yes, I know that I am a cynical bastard, but I just don’t trust any of these groups that solicit money from me.  Especially if it is for an event they are doing to raise money. The Susan Koman things where they do a 3 day walk to raise money?  How much of that money goes towards administering the 3 day walk?  How much goes for advertising?  How much for admin salaries?  How much do they donate to Planned Parenthood?  But I digress.  The caller had asked me to donate, and I said no.  “Why?  Do you want children to die of cancer?” was the response I actually got. I have to admit that I was actually surprised by that and was silent for a few moments.  Then I asked “Did you really just go there?”  And before the person could answer I started in with questions like I listed above.  How much is actually going to ‘research’?  Do you actually have a cure?  What are you or the group you are working for get out of this? And how fucking DARE you even insinuate that because I don’t want to give YOU money that I want kids to die.  I freely give of my time and treasure to people I trust and causes I believe in.  Not knowing you, nor trusting you, you don’t get shit from me!

Alas, I think she hung up somewhere right after I said ‘How fucking DARE you…”, but I was on a roll, I kept going as it made me feel better.  And for that idiot on the phone, in this calendar year, I have donated to Help Save Pets (an animal rescue), IJM and their campaign to end human slavery (See?  I care about kids, so fuck off!), Morningstar Mission (helps feed homeless), donated clothes and other items to Amvets (love out vets!), participated in charity events that helped Lake County FoP, Braidwood Little League and two different VFW halls, as well as given money/food to 6 different people at intersections (Giving money to beggars will be a whole different topic later).  Fuck you and your pretend moral superiority.

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