“You are just sitting there…”

(FFB 4-8-2014)

Wow. Just had a customer who came in and got 5 copies of a wrinkled sheet of paper with faded text. We handed her the copies, charged her $.40.  She then left, sat in the parking lot for about 5 minutes and then came back in complaining because 2 of them had a line at the top. That happens sometimes when your copies won’t lay flay from abusing them.  She then starts going all psycho about how dare we charge her for bad copies, and why don’t we check every sheet before handing them to her. Seriously, she is going crazy, not quite yelling but you would think we just tried to charge he $100 for 5 copies or something. While she is complaining to me, Mercedes is rerunning the 2 copies. Just as she pauses in her rant, Mercedes comes up and hands me 2 copies that have no lines. (the rest of the copy is shit, because her original is shit, but hey, no line!)  I said “here are 2 copies to replace those wit no lines, I’ll trade you these for the two we messed up.”  “No, I paid for these!” she almost screams. When I reminded her that we were replacing them with ‘good’ copies, she was adamant that she not turn over the bad ones. Then she started bitching about how come we can’t look at every copy!  When I responded that that would be near impossible of most of our jobs, and with ones as small as hers the 5 copies spit out in about 5 seconds,  all that got was an incredulous “Why not? You are just sitting there!”  If it wasn’t for the fact that bitchy, angry people tell 10x more people about their bitchiness than happy people, the reply back to her would have been priceless. But alas, customer service must be maintained if possible. However when she left, Mercedes and I shared a few minutes of our afternoon bitching about HER to help us thru our day.  

I need a beer…

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