I got a job offer!

Yes, I also get those random emails from staffing agencies pretending to have clients that ‘are clamoring for my services’.  Yeah, sure you do.  While I am a damn good printer, there are not many businesses outside of printing that would be hunting after me for my skills.  While my skills can be transferable into other businesses, the sheer amount of competition in those other fields may have me somewhere in the middle of the pack, and while I may be ideal for some other job, so would a lot of other candidates.

HOWEVER. I just got an offer in my email a few days ago that merits some consideration.

Dear Frank:

Think you have what it takes to work with the Bacon?

We are looking for energetic and fun people to join our staff for the summer.

Ushers, bartenders, ticket takers, security, concessions and many more positions are available.

Don’t worry, you’ll get training so you know exactly how to make sure you and the Bacon fans you touch have a terrific time.

Click here to learn more: www.maconbaconbaseball.com/jobs

Todd F. Pund


Macon Bacon

I LOVE bacon!  And they want to train me to touch people!  Sounds like a win-win to me!

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