You can’t find good help anymore without being called racist…

So at a recent forum, Marquette University faculty members declared that the school’s seal is a “microaggression” because it depicts a white explorer being guided by a Native American.  yes, they really did THAT.   “It is a fact that a white man took advantage of an economic disparity to have a Native American as his guide, so portraying that is value-neutral, arguably,” argued Theology professor Gary Klump.  So HIRING someone to do some work for you, if they are of a ‘marginalized’ race, is a microaggression.  So let’s see…you are visiting a strange land, what do you do?  Walk around in circles, stay in your camp or hire some locals to show you around?  WTF people!  All these assholes needs to be macroaggressed upside their heads because of there issues with microaggressions.  This one is just as bad as the college that complained because the white kitchen staff in the cafeteria made tacos for lunch one day.  These people are just looking for an excuse to be assholes.  They want to be able to tell someone else that they are wrong, bad, immoral, whatever, and use this ginned up outrage to justify them doing it.  I am so glad I am not in college anymore. I would have been kicked out by now…

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