So as you might expect, I get into a lot of ‘discussions’ on facebook. I have friends of just about every political stripe so it is bound to happen.  Most of the ones I actually see are pretty open minded, at least enough to have honest conversations with. They argue with facts, ask relevant questions and are generally not dick’s. Sometimes they push buttons, sometimes I push buttons, but we know each other well enough that we know what is going on. However there are always a few…

During one of many heated gun debates, a female friend of mine got her feelz all hurt and kept trying to tell me that nobody wants to take my guns.  So I posted to her 4 links from just that day where politicians have called for anywhere from partial to outright bans on guns.  “Oh, but they don’t want to take ALL guns” she would retort.  Well, banning all semi-autos would be pretty damn close.  If you want to argue semantics, sure it isn’t ALL, but damn near close enough to it.  And still bad. So I point out the absurdity of her position with it being a 90% ban, and she drops back to the “nobody is trying to take your guns” again.  Really?  Didn’t I just show you where they want to do that?

Then you have these ‘kids’.  Somehow in her eyes they are untouchable because they were victims.  To be honest, I don’t think I have ever wanted to slap the smug off of someone as much as I do that punk Hogg.  But being a victim doesn’t make your words magically true, or your experiences somehow above all others.  If you put forth a position in the political arena, you are fair game for a rebuttal. But again, the feels rule here, and can’t I just leave these kids alone?    And why do I have to say ‘fuck’ a lot?

When someone uses blood libel on me by claiming that as a legal gun owner I have blood on my hands due to a whacko, I get irate. When someone tries to use their victim status as a shield against criticism, that irritates me. When someone tries to take away my second amendment rights, I get irritated. And despite your many repeated assertations that ‘nobody wants to take away your guns’, there are hundreds of stories where people, groups and politicians are using this instance to try and do just that. YOU many not want to, but many others do. And that irritates me. When someone wants to put all sorts of demands about being ‘safe’ and then chaffes when those demands are met, but not in a SJW approved way, I get irritated. When we are told that we have to listen to the kids of today on guns but they are the same ones who were eating Tide pods last month, that irritates me. When these same kids are supposed to be smart enough to lecture us on guns but not smart enough to own them, that irritates me. When these ‘kids’ can mangle facts and call me names and not be called out on it because they are ‘kids’ that irritates me. When the little Nazi-wannabe Hogg can go online and call NRA Members (ME!) ‘fuckers’ and ‘bitches’, but I get yelled at for responding in kind, that irritates me. When they call for ‘tolerance’ yet try to silence any opposition I get irritated. And when I get irritated I say FUCK a lot.  It makes my mom mad (sorry mom!) but it happens.

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