Parking Lot Rage

(FFB 3-19-16)
Road rage happens in parking lots as well.  A major reason is because there are too many fucking morons who have no idea how to park!  Winter is just about over here (well, officially it is spring, but around here we will probably get snow on baseball opening day!), and I get that sometimes it is difficult to see the parking lines.  However when you CAN see them, it shouldn’t be that difficult to park between them.  Not ON them, not straddling them, but between them.  They were put there for a reason. if you park on or over the line, the only space available is next to you and I can still fit in in I have zero problems making sure my door makes contact with your vehicle when I try to exit mine.  I consider the space from line to line to be mine, and if you are invading it, you do so at your own peril.
Also, if the spots are angled one way, and you back into the spot because you want to be cool, you are a mental reject because now you will be going the wrong way down the aisle when you leave. Must be something about Walmart that makes people forget this because THIS problem I encounter there often. And when they exit going the wrong way and encounter you going the right way, they look at you like YOU are the one doing something wrong.  That and people walking in thru the doors that clearly say ‘EXIT’. But grocery store etiquette is a whole different rant.
Lastly if you have a really nice car and you feel that entitles you to two or more parking spaces, park your ass in the back. If you park up front you just invite people with anger issues like me, but with less self control, to ‘do things’.  Like make sure car doors come in contact with each other. Or ketchup packets under your wheels.  Ooops, did I say that?
Crap, wasted 3 rants in one post.  Oh well, at least they were all related.

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