He called his wife on me!

Yesterday afternoon this older guy comes in and wants me to make some color copies for him.  He hands me a sheet of paper that has a color print on it.  It looks like a copy of a copy of a poor quality copy.  The color is very faded and uneven and I just know it is going to print like crap.  So I point this out to the guy and tell him that I will run 1 but since this will be at least a 3rd generation copy the color will be really bad.  I go and make the copy and sure enough it looks like shit.

I show it to the guy and he looks at me like I messed something up.  “Why does it look so bad?” he asks.  Thinking in my head “I just told you why 30 seconds ago you dumb-fuck”, but in stead I just restate what I told him before I made the copy.  I tell him that I can try and darken the copy some but that it may pick up other things as well.  He grunts “Yeah, OK” and then as I walk back to make the second copy he pulls out his phone and starts to make a call.

I get back with the new, darker copy and it still isn’t good, but it is better.  Then I hear the guy talking on his phone: “Yeah honey, I am at the printer and this guy is trying to tell me that he can’t get a good print from the copy I brought him, that it degrades when going from copy to copy…..yeah…Really?….Are you sure?…How did you do it last time?….Oh, OK.”  The bastard called his wife because he didn’t believe me!  What the fuck, dude!  I don’t care if your wife is head of fucking Xerox, if you give me a 3rd generation print and expect the 4th to be as good or better than the original, you can go stuff it up your ass.  And don’t you ever call your mommy on me again!

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