No cash?

I swear if one more asshole comes in here and wants to use a credit card for $1.50 worth of copies I am going to strangle them.  Only been open 30 minutes and already 2 of these special idiots today. Seriously, you don’t have two bucks in change rolling around your car somewhere?  Ever hear of a Cash Station?  Take your $1.50 and go fuck yourself.

update: Seriously, just happened AGAIN!  Guy comes running in out of breath and need 2 copies of his resume for an interview he is on his way to right this moment.  I rounded the cost up to a buck and he holds out a debit card. I just stared at him and must have shown my disdain because he then said “you know, i may have a dollar in change int he car” and then ran back out to get the change.

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