Shit got deep in here today

Where I work we have a very integrated shop.  One of us is a White Sox fan and the other one isn’t.  I can’t help it that he has no taste in baseball teams.  Anyway, he wasn’t too bad when the Cubs finally broke their losing streak and won the World Series last year.  I know some Cubs fans who were a tab bit obnoxious (yeah, I know, hard to believe, right?), but it hasn’t been that bad around here.  We both are fans of baseball so we usually have some good conversations throughout the year.

This morning a customer comes in and wanted to make a color copy of a little tribute poster he made that had a picture of him and his son at the game, their ticket stubs and a scorecard. Nice little memento. Then he notices the Cubs logo on the one computer and the Sox logo on mine and starts to talk smack. It isn’t too bad (ie. personal) so I just bite my tongue.  My team got there first so you can go suck on it. But then he starts talking to the owner about how arrogant some of the Cleveland fans were during the series.  This, coming from the guy trying to talk smack because his preferred team finally won after 100 years of losing? Gonna have to hike up my pants to keep them out of all the shit coming out of this guy’s mouth.  Could be a long year…


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