Why no jail time?

From time to time I have complained that we don’t need new gun laws but instead need to enforce the ones we have.  Some anti-gun folks I know tend to think that argument has no merit but then I point them to things like THIS ARTICLE.

“A Chicago-area woman arrested last year for her role in illegally selling guns to prohibited buyers, some with gang affiliations, was sentenced to probation and community service last week.”   —  Probation?  Seriously?  WTF?!?!  Here is a crime, a felony (4 of them, actually), that has very serious ramifications.  She was caught with tons of evidence and it was a slam-dunk case for the DA.  And we all know how anti-gun our DAs are here in Illinois, so why the hell did she just get probation?  THIS is a person that needs jail time.  One of the guns she sold went to a juvenile with a record and gang ties.  But I am sure that is just for target practice. Not. THIS needs to be a warning to other straw purchasers that you WILL go to jail if you do that.  For all you fucktards screaming about waiting periods and background checks, those did absolutely nothing here to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

“While she was charged with two counts of illegal transfer of Firearms and two counts of selling a firearm without a valid FOID, officials noted at the time she was unlikely to serve jail time despite the four felony charges, though she would likely see “permanent revocation of her FOID card.”  —  Oooh boy, THAT will sure show her!  THIS is what needs to be addressed before any new laws are enacted.  Jail the straw purchasers.


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