Cheap-ass people

OK, I get it.  You gotta look out for the bottom line.  You make that clear every damn time you call for pricing.  I give you great pricing.  I am not trying to be the lowest cost printer in the area, because those guys usually go broke, but my prices are very good.  So how the hell did printing get to be like buying a used car? Why does everyone feel the need to negotiate? I have prices, those are the prices.

I have one customer in particular that calls up about once a month to order her forms or business cards.  She has paid the same prices for her stuff for OVER a year.  Yet every time she calls and asks the price, I get “Is that the best you can do?”  I carefully reply that that is the lowest I will go.  She will then say “Are you sure?”  as if I might be suffering from dementia and not really know what i am saying or something.  One more ‘Yes, I am sure’ and then the dance is done and we can proceed with the order.  Do you really need to ask me that every time you call?  I have even been a little up front and said “Tess, you know you have been getting the same price for over a year now and that it is a great price. In fact, it will probably be going up in a month or two because paper prices are increasing yet again and I can’t absorb the cost anymore”.  That shut her up for ONE call cycle.  Then it started again.  Next month, prices go UP!   That will be an interesting phone call.

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