Reporters are stupid about guns

But of course most people already knew that.  They make up words that sound scary and invent things that don’t exist to try and make a point.  Then there is what they are trying to do now in scaring people.  The new thing is to try and somehow ‘forgive’ the coward sheriffs who did nothing to save those kids by pointing out that they ‘only had a pistol’. The reports all state some variation of how fast a bullet from an AR-15 travels vs a bullet from a Glock 9mm handgun.  The problem is that in a school setting with maybe 25 yards maximum distance, IT DOESN’T MATTER! They act as if the killer would have only had a handgun that people could have moved out of the way but OMG, an eeeevil AR-15 just shoots sooo fast we can’t move!  Fear the gun! Bullshit.

This is just pure scare tactics by people that have an agenda. Instill fear of the magic AR-15 and it will be easier to ban it.  Fuck you all.  I don’t have one but I believe I am going to order one this weekend.  I have been thinking about it for a while and I have the money set aside for it.   The only thing holding me up has been a lack of places around here to shoot it.  I can shoot my Kal-Tec s2000 at the local ranges but they don’t allow the AR’s. But in case a situation ever pops up again where I would need to reach out and touch someone at a little more range than the old double barreled shotgun had, I might as well be prepared.  As we saw in Coward County, you can’t depend on the police to protect you.

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