Political rant

Just reading the first paragraph of THIS story makes my blood boil.


At times, Nikolas Cruz’s behavior could be a school administrator’s nightmare: Teachers and other students said he kicked doors, cursed at teachers, fought with and threatened classmates and brought a backpack with bullets to school. He collected a string of discipline for profanity, disobedience, insubordination, and disruption.


And what happened to him?  Oh, an alternative school for a bit, then brought back.  Transferred from school to school, kind of like the Catholic Church used to shuttle around pedophile priests back in the day.  Legally they couldn’t expel him.  They tried all sorts of liberal mumbo jumbo interventions, meetings and counseling and nothing worked.

My first point of anger was that they couldn’t expel him.  “You can’t just kick kids out of the public schools because you are afraid of them, or because they are hard to educate,” said Stephanie Langer, a Miami special education lawyer and advocate. “It has to be a balance, and I think it’s a really hard one.”  Fuck you Stephanie.  The balance is when the sick so of a bitch has shown no ability to even WANT to change and is a danger to the other kids, his ass is gone.  Yes I am fortunate that my kids were  not special needs.   But when special needs is a detriment to every other kid there, I don’t care about his needs. Supposedly the bastard has an $800k inheritance.  That could have been used for private education and maybe some mental help. Instead the need to ‘normalize’ fucked up people is killing normal people.

All you gun control people blaming the NRA for this are misguided. Your own liberal policies created that situation.  You let this sick bastard be integrated with the rest of the kids.  You let this kid stay in school because you would sue the hell out of any school that tried to kick him out.  You let him pass a background check because all his past troubles didn’t show up on a background check, because of your desire to end the so called ‘class to prison pipeline’.  Ever think that maybe some of the kids belong in prison? Like this one? The FBI failed to follow up on credible information that in all likelihood would have at least stopped this particular event, hopefully leading to closer inspection and either some real help or some real jail time. Your irrational fear of guns leads to no armed presence at schools all across the country.  If you want to protect your kids then lock the damn doors!  Put some guards there, armed ones.  And not just some 90 year old guy who had an old Clot .45 with no bullets who sleeps in his chair, a few real guards, with real guns.  Have some teachers train to be able to respond with guns if need be.  Have an arms locker in the Principal’s office if things get bad. And FFS lock the damn place down!  Controlled entry and exit.  Doors with alarms that go off, that don’t sound like fire alarms. And try some real punishment.  I get trying all the touchy-feely stuff at first,  but at some point you have to realize it isn’t working.  My kid got suspended for 3 days for popping a lunch bag because it ‘sounded like gunfire’.  This kids brings bullets, assaults teachers and is totally unwilling to behave and he gets to stay in school and fuck up the lives of many innocent kids.


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