Great start

So as you can tell from yesterday’s post I am not having a good week.  The badness continues.  The steroids I am on are making me jittery.  I can’t sit still as it is so this feels funny.  As I leave for work, my garage door opener decides to stop working. I see the door going down as I back out of the driveway and just as i am about to pull away it goes back up.  So I stop and click the button again, nothing.  Keep clicking, same results.  So I pull back into the driveway and go to the keypad to make it go down and nothing happens.  I spend a few more minutes fiddling with the sensors and trying again with no positive results so I unlatch the door and just close it.  I need to stop at the bank on my way to work and I am wasting time!

Get to the bank and there are like a zillion cars in the drive thru.  I planned for this so I wait my turn.  Of course it takes them forever.  I never understand why mine takes so long.  You deposit check and give me back $100. Pretty easy transaction.  Then the lady in the back gets on the mic and starts to try and sell me a mortgage.  Come on lady, just give me my damn money!

So now I get to work with about 10 minutes to spare.  Time to eat my breakfast sandwich from the gas station.  Nope, phone rings and like a fool I answer it. The caller wanted to know if we can create birthday invitations for him. Sure, I say. However we don’t so much ‘create’ them as take your idea and make that happen. Well, he says he isn’t that creative but really likes those cards he saw where you open them and a design pops up. Oh, and did I leave out the part that he wanted this by Wednesday?  If the rest of the day goes like today they will have to change the phrase from ‘going postal’ to ‘going printer’.

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