Doc visit today

No update right now.  I was at a charity poker event last night (the charity I volunteer at was hosting it) and while there I was attacked by a dangerous assault elevator.  I was walking towards the elevators when someone was getting off, so as i started to enter the doors closed and caught me on both shoulders like in a cartoon, crunching me pretty hard before they backed off.  Arm went numb for a few seconds then proceeded to hurt like hell.  Can’t lift it over my head.  Hoped some Alieve, ice, heat and sleep would help, but no dice.  I can’t pick it up.  So I came in late, can barely get anything done and am leaving early.  The theory is a dislocated shoulder.  Going to the doc around 3 this afternoon so we’ll see.  That would explain while I can move it if I grab it with my left arm but the moment I let go it just falls down in pain, zero muscle movement upwards. This weird shit always happens to me…

Update:  Well doc visit didn’t show much.  It isn’t dislocated so there is that.  They took x-rays and the doc said structurally everything looks fine. He did remark that it is rare to pick up tendons or whatever on an x-ray, but the fact he can see mine indicates a lot of tendonitis.  Well I could have told him that.  He gave me some pain pills and a steroid (there goes my Olympic career!) and said if it isn’t better in 5 days to schedule an MRI for rotator cuff damage, which is the current guess.  Just what I need, more surgery.  If I recall correctly rotator cuff surgery calls for complete immobilization of the arm for weeks.  Can’t afford weeks off work.  Might be time to talk to a lawyer…

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