Wrong date

(From my FB 2-15-14)

Two weeks ago a guy comes into my store with his mom. Turns out he tried printing his wedding invitations at home and messed them up. Twice.  So mom drags him into my store along with some paper and a file on a flash drive and asks me to print them for him.  Sure, that is what we do!  I take the flash drive and open his file only to discover that the file isn’t even set up to the correct size.  Its no wonder he messed it up twice.I can fix it, not a problem, we are good like that. So we shrink it, print it, trim it out and bill him, on their way they go.

Today the mom comes in complaining that the date is wrong on the invitation and wants us to reprint it. Sure, I would be happy to reprint it.  I just need more paper, the correct date and another $70 for the printing. ‘What?!” she blurts out. “I’ve already paid too much for this crap, why do I need to pay more? Can’t you replace the paper? I don’t think Office Max has any more!”  When we explained to her that we printed the file THEY GAVE US, she didn’t like that. She goes on and on just bitching for at least 5 minutes.   It was an honest mistake, blah blah blah, and wants to know what we can do for her. I told her that we can print it again with a new date, but would have to charge her. Again, she didn’t like it. I explained that it wasn’t OUR fault they put the wrong date (What? Don’t you read these things?!) and that I did NOT charge her for our time to FIX her file, she still didn’t like it. When she asked about the paper I told her how much that would be.  Oh boy, that got the best reactions as she threw up her hands and spun around saying ‘Oh my God, what next?” I guess she thinks my paper doesn’t cost my anything.  I am thinking that next you either pay me to run the job or go away.   Finally after another minute or two of complaining she agreed to do it. People like her are one of the many reasons I hate people. YOU fucked up. I have no problem with you ASKING me if I can do something about the price, but when you get huffy about it when I say no, you are the asshole. 

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