Happy Valentines Day

To those that know me this is a story you have heard.  Just want to show you I am not ALWAYS a curmudgeon.

28 years ago today I proposed to my now wife for the 45th day in a row.  She didn’t say no any of the of the other 44 times, she said yes each and every time.  But I didn’t have enough money for even a cheap ring at the time.  However by Valentine’s Day I did. I ordered the ring and had it set for pickup on Feb. 14.

Wife now works at home, but back in the day she still worked in an office.  All her friends there thought I was just the greatest guy because I made her lunch most of the time and occasionally put notes in there. So being young and stupid I decided that I would propose to her in her office and embarrass her or something.  So that was the plan.

I talked with one friend of hers and let her know what was going to happen so she could let ME know if anything changed.  The weather was not great that day and there was always a chance she could get sent home early. At the time she worked about 30 minutes south of our apartment and i worked about 30 minutes north of it.  So that morning I pick up the ring on my way to work.  The snow is already bad, I was thinking I should have just stayed home, but here I was at work.  The plan was to leave about 3 pm, take my time getting there and walk in around 4:45  and do it so we could leave right after.

The weather wasn’t cooperating and the snow was getting worse, so I decided to leave about 2 pm instead. I go outside to my car and there is this big Buick parked in front of my car.  Literally just parked in the middle of the snowy lot. I come back in and nobody from my office owns it, go to the one next door and nobody there is claiming it either.  WTF!  I gotta go pick up the flowers then drive an hour to get to her work, I don’t need this.  The guys at my work knew what i was going to do and saw me standing there fuming so about 10 of the guys from the back came out and we literally pushed the car out of my way thanks to the snow.  Thanks guys!  On my way!

Next stop flower shop.  It’s on the way home so that is good.  I pull in, run inside and have to wait behind 4 or 5 other people also there picking up their flowers.  And yes, I ordered them so they were waiting for me. I finally get them and come outside and much to my surprise, I am double parked in yet again!  I actually screamed. I yelled about ramming the fuck out of the car that was blocking me to nobody in particular and some guy comes out muttering an apology as he moves his car.  This day isn’t going well, but I am now on my way.

So, here I am driving as fast as I can in the weather and my 1988 Dodge Daytona Turbo.  Not the best car for a snowstorm (but I loved that car!), but it is getting me there.  Slowly, but getting me there.  Meanwhile, wife’s work has decided to let everyone go early.  The friend I had talked to called my work to tell me, but I had already left.  And for any younger people reading this, this was pre-cell phones.  They tell her I am gone and she starts to panic.  Thankfully she didn’t spill the beans, but she decided to start talking to wife and try and keep her there knowing that I am on the way.

Well she did a great job managing to keep her there for another 30 minutes or so.  However  management came by and finally kicked them out saying they were locking up so they had to leave.  She kept wife talking for a few more minutes in the lobby but couldn’t hold her anymore without spilling the beans.  So wife got into her car and left.  Meanwhile here I am driving way too fast for the conditions pulling into the parking lot of her work, JUST as I see my wife pulling out.  “Nooooooo!” I start screaming, not looking where I am going.  I turn around to see myself heading for a pole and manage to avoid that,  spin a bit and narrowly missed a few parked cars.  What the hell am I going to do? So I turn around and start to try and catch her. About 10 minutes later I catch up to her on I-80.  After a few minutes of flashing my lights and honking my horn she pulls over to the side of the road.  I get out of my car and head to hers where she asks me what the hell I am doing.  I just pull out the ring and say “This.  For the 45th time, will you marry me?”

Sorry, no suspense here, she said yes.  7 months later we were married.  Some days the only thing that stops me from going postal on idiots is my wife.  She jokingly entered her cell phone number into my new one with her name as ‘My Better Half’, but she is right. Happy Valentines Day, baby!




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