Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

Darwin Award Contender

So a dumbass tries to rob a pizza place with a friend.  Mistake number 1.  He also uses a BB gun to help intimidate the employees into listening to him.  That was mistake number 2.  he grabbed one employee by his hoodie, held the gun to him and started wakling with him to the front of the store to get the cash. Mistake number 3.  While walking to the front  of the store he pointed said fake gun at one particular employee.  That was mistake number 4.  Turns out that employee was carrying and pulled out his own gun, a REAL one, and ended that robbery attempt pretty quickly.  Perp with the fake gun died later at the hospital while his accomplice gets to be charged with felony murder due to the state’s felony laws.  Winner winner chicken dinner!   And if you listen to idiots like Moms Demand Something or Another this sort of thing NEVER happens and is a myth.

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