The author is delusional!

I read a story in the Wapo that just amazes me.  Well I take that back.  It pisses me off but doesn’t amaze me since the more liberal side of this spectrum seems to have no floor.  So I will just leave it at that.  Anyway, I read this story linked here and I start talking back to the screen, so I figured I would just vent here.

Let’s start with the title, “Undocumented and disillusioned, I decided to leave America. This loss is mutual.”  So right away I am screaming “NO IT ISN’T!  WE DIDN’T LOSE A THING!”.  The sense of entitlement is already just oozing from the headline. So let’s read on and see if that is true.

“At 15, I arrived in the United States with a suitcase full of clothes, a picture of my golden retriever and the excitement of starting my new life. That was 10 years ago. Last month, the day after I graduated from college, I got on a nonstop flight that carried me and my new journalism degree away from the place I call home, back to a place my family and I once waved goodbye to. I am unsure I will be allowed to reenter”    –  Well, I can already see a net GAIN for the U.S. as I am sure that whatever ‘journalism’ this person learned in school was chock full of SJW bullshit and how to spin stories to the preferred point of view thru creative use of words. Like when they say ‘Republicans pounce on report that makes Dems look bad’ instead of ‘Report makes dems look bad’. On we go…

“The decision to leave for Mexico City was difficult. My family and I made it as a group. We began discussing it after President Trump was elected — based in no small part on his negative rhetoric about undocumented people. We also began hearing sad stories about people being apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, sometimes separating children who were full U.S. citizens from parents. Trump seemed to have little mercy for beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which I did not qualify for by a matter of days anyway. Ultimately, my parents and two older brothers agreed. We would leave the United States once I finished my education at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas”    –  So many things here. So in 10 years you have done nothing to make yourself legal. You managed to get an education without being here legally. And you were un-eligible for DACA. Great, time for you to leave!  After you pay back the discount you got for state funded tuition.  Also, why Mexico City?  You could always try for Canada or some place in Europe.  I hear they have very porous borders over there…

“That education came at a high cost. Ninety percent of my income went toward tuition. Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for federal financial aid. I found myself busing and waiting tables in small local restaurants where background checks were not a priority. After very full days, I would come home late at night to work on the homework due the next day. Despite the financial stress and workload, however, school was the only place I felt normal. I was treated just like an American there, even though English wasn’t my native language. No one questioned whether I held a green card. I was rewarded for my hard work.”    –    Waaaah!  News flash, lots of people don’t qualify for financial aid.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  Lots of LEGAL CITIZENS don’t qualify for financial aid.  I didn’t.  I had to PAY for my education!  Well cupcake, 90% of my income went to pay for my education.  You are not alone there.  And I weeded bean fields, shoveled pig shit and worked in a factory for minimum wage.  Oh, and the whole being rewarded for your hard work, that is generally a conservative thing, just so you know.

“But this semester, while my classmates discussed employment offers and long-range career plans, I was researching safe routes to Mexico. I was reminded daily that I did not belong — reminded by the news, reminded by Trump supporters chanting about the wall, reminded by the president himself. Despite what I knew I could offer this country, despite knowing more American than Mexican history, despite my love for America, I felt unwanted.”  –   Just a thought.  In your 10+ years here, did you ever fly?  Learn to drive?  Do you have ID? A passport?  That wold help us understand how hard it is to get back where you belong. You are right, many don’t want you here.  It isn’t a personal thing as they don’t know ‘you’, but a respect thing.  You and your parents obviously didn’t respect our country enough to come here legally.  You have no divine right to be here, regardless of what you think or how you feel.

“Friends begged me not to leave. “You’ll regret it,” they said. They didn’t seem to understand: There were no opportunities for me. My employment prospects were reduced to zero not by any lack of skills, but by the absence of a nine-digit number. Higher education in the United States is basically pointless for the undocumented. The only jobs available are those that ordinary Americans don’t want: housekeeping, landscaping, field work. And so I decided to take my chances in Mexico, where no one will question my eligibility to work or use me as a scapegoat for economic problems. I would rather do what I love — what I am now trained to do — for relatively low wages than wipe tables for tips.”  Maybe you can report on how Mexico treats its own illegal immigrants and thank god you weren’t treated like that here. Still wondering how you got into college without that same 9 digit number that is keeping you from gainful employment…

“My parents, my two brothers and my beloved 9-year-old poodle drove off a week ahead of me. Not long after they crossed the border from the United States to Mexico, I walked across the Thomas and Mack Center stage with my classmates for winter commencement. Then I celebrated with my closest friends, and the next morning, I took a plane to reunite with family in a land we once abandoned. I showed them pictures of the landmark moment they could not be present for. We celebrated our first Christmas in a city where we have had to start from nothing.”  –  Did they really leave a week ahead of time, or is that just made up for dramatic effect?  Poor you, your family HAD to miss your graduation because of evil Trump. Oh look!  You took a PLANE!  Which means you had some sort of ID that worked enough to get you past TSA.  I guess there were ‘safe’ routes after all.

“I left behind great friends. I left behind most of my belongings. I left behind my illusions of ever becoming a U.S. citizen. I take with me the fond memories of the college that gave me my education. I carry no grudges. The way I see it, this loss is mutual: I lost the chance to have a life in America. America lost the chance to have me.”  –  Yes, what you had were illusions.  You were here breaking the law.  I am sorry if your family came here because Mexico was a shit-hole.  I personally wish you luck in your new venture. But you do NOT have the ‘right’ to come here just because you want to.  At some point it has to stop.  That is not being cold-hearted and unfeeling, it is being rational.  Nations have the responsibility and obligation to protect their borders.  WE get to choose who comes here. We get to build a wall if we want to.  I don’t happen to care what ‘color’ you are.  I want the Chinese, Arabs and any other group that is here illegally to go as well. There is no way that this is a ‘mutual loss’. As I mentioned above, your journalism degree is pretty much useless here.  I would consider it a net gain for the U.S.

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