The wheels are in motion…

(reposted from Facebook 2 years ago)


OK, I am in Walmart buying lunch today. As I walk in, I see an old lady getting into one of those carts by the door. There is a Walmart worker cleaning a second one right there. She looks up at the old lady and says ‘Ma’am, that one is almost out of power, if you give me a moment I will have this one clean and ready for you”.  I know the old lady heard her as she looked up and glared at the employee, then motored on her way right next to me at the deli counter. I order my stuff and the old lady proceeds to grab a couple of chickens and put them in the cart.

Now the employee comes over and taps the lady on the shoulder and says “Ma’am, that cart is just about…” when the old lady turns around with a look on her face that I can only describe as evil. It honestly scared me. The lady then screamed “leave me alone! And don’t ever touch me again!!!!” then motored on into the produce department. The employee looks at me, I just shrugged my shoulder. “I tried to tell her is will stop very soon” she says. I just tell her that we’ll all know when that is if it stops before she gets to the metamucil aisle. Sure enough, not 20 seconds later it stops in the middle of produce and starts beeping. “What the hell! Someone help me!” screams the old lady. The employee looks at me and says “How are you doing today, can I help you with anything?” I just smiled and chatted with her for a few moments. About a minute later, with the lady still in full meltdown mode, she finally wanders over there to help.  I start moving closer so I can hear this, in case the old lady stops screaming. I hear the employee say again that she tried to tell her it would run out of power but the lady just screamed “I don’t care, get me another cart!”.  The employee looks to the door where the one she just cleaned was, then looks to the OTHER door on the other side of the store and says “I think I have one fully charged by the other door.  I’ll be right back”, and then slowly walks away towards the other door, bypassing the one she just cleaned nearby. For once, I literally laughed out loud.  That got me dirty look from the angry old lady, but it didn’t scare me this time.

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