Missed deadlines

(This happened last year at this time)

OK, I know customer service is hard. And I really hate it when my part of the equation rests on the shoulders of outside vendors that I have zero control over. I placed an order for some folders on January 17th. Was told it would ship by Feb 1 at the latest, which was good since I told them my customer needed them by Feb 5 for a trade show. Feb 1 rolls around and I call to verify shipping. Someone says they will check and get back to me, no call. I call the next day to verify shipping. The person on the phone starts reading their screen to me, says supposed to ship Feb 1, but still says in house. After a moment of silence, I ask “Can you find out WHEN it is going to ship?”. She says OK, and no call back. Feb 3rd comes and still no answers, so yet one more call to the company.  “it shows that it was supposed to ship Feb 1st, but doesn’t say that is actually did ship.”  Again, after a moment of silence I say “Well can you find out, NOW?! I’ll hold.”  not going to have them not call me back again.  Seriously spent an hour on hold.  No answer.  Told the person that I wanted to be connected to the person in change now (was firm, but polite) and during the transfer I was of course hung up on.

Having had issues with this company in the past few months, I emailed the VP and GM together, with all the relevant info and leaving out all the snark, at first. Here is the exchanges since then:
Jennifer  replied
Feb 3 2:45pm

Good Afternoon!

My name is Jennifer and I work at Corporate Headquarters for Folder Express. I apologize that you have not received a response regarding your order.
The system is showing that it will be due to ship out the week of Feb. 22nd.

Thank you,Jennifer


OK, now it is Feb 22nd?? For something I need on the 5th and was promised on the 1st!!!! So I replied back (rather restrained reply from me, if I do say so): “Is there a REASON why an order placed Jan 17 should be shipping Feb 22nd? That is unacceptable. “
Now, you would expect some sort of ‘sorry, we will talk with production and rush you out these folders since we messed up, or something along those line. I threw the ball firmly back into her court giving her an opportunity to make this right on her own without me demanding anything, but yet conveying what I want at the same time. Instead, I get:

Jennifer replied
Feb 3 3:02pm
Due to the move from Omaha, NE to Columbus, KS it has caused a backlog in all departments. 
I apologize for the long delays in production and I agree completly that it’s unacceptable. We are working on getting the standards back to where they should be.

Thank you,
Seriously? That’s it? This is a $1000 order for THEM, And a big customer for ME. And all she can do is acknowledge that they fucked up (sorry mom) but NOT do something about it? I bend over backwards to help my customers, especially if it is MY mistake. We have done orders at a loss (thankfully not often!) just because we messed up and made it right for the customer. We never did get the folders.  I cancelled them once it became obvious that they were so messed up that it wasn’t going to happen.  Cost me a lot of good will with my customer, but I had kept them in the loop the whole time and they were aware that we sent it out.  Customer service is dead in this country. Or at least at this vendor, which I will never use again. Nice job, FolderExpress. Hope you guys rot in Kansas.

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