Did somebody hit all the freelancers with a Stupid Stick?

Seriously, FOUR different quote requests this week, all from freelance designers, 3 for THEIR OWN CARDS, where they have them designed for bleeds, but not set up for bleeds.  And one of them got ‘offended’ when I politely told her that I couldn’t run her cards as they are now because the graphic didn’t allow for a proper bleed.  My words were” The file as it stands now can’t be printed correctly, as there is not enough room for bleeds.  While our machines are very precise, they are not perfect and between them and the paper there is always some shift.  With the dimensions as you have it you run the risk of there being a slim white border around some of your cards.  If you could resubmit the art with the graphic extending .125″ past the trim lines we can run them with no issues.  Thanks.”  Her reply?  “The cards will print fine as they are. If you can’t do it I will just  find someone else who can”.  Well go fuck yourself then, asshole.  I COULD have fucked with your file and fixed it, but I am not doing your work for you.  If you want to be a designer get your shit straight.

Seriously, how hard is it to extend your graphic .125″ past the cut lines?  I never went to school for design but understood bleeds the very first time it was explained to me. I so want to scream these people’s names out so that unsuspecting customers can have notice of who to stay away from, but in this litigious society I wouldn’t put it past one of these snowflakes to try and sue me for it. Instead she has been noted in our system and there will be an automatic PIA charge should she ever decide to get a quote from us again.

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